How to Tie: The CDC Transitional Midge

In this week’s How to Tie video feature Matt Grobart from Tightline Video shows us how to tie the CDC Transitional Midge.

Learn About this Fly

Difficulty: Novice

The CDC transitional midge is an extremely effective pattern for all freshwater river systems. First tied by angler, fly tier, and fly shop owner Rene Harrop. Originally tied for the Madison, Henry’s Fork, and Missouri River, this fly has become a national favorite.

Tied to imitate an adult midge emerging from its larval stage, this fly is the perfect mix between a dry fly and a nymph. Capitalizing on its versatility, this light as a feather fly can be thrown by itself or on a dropper rig. As warm weather beings to roll in and the fish begin to rise, this is the perfect fly to throw when nymphs aren’t doing the trick but no hatch is occurring.

Tied with only a few simple materials, this fly is perfect for any beginner fly tier looking to venture into more interesting ties. It’s also perfect for anyone looking to do some tying on a budget. Also take note that when tying this fly, changing up the dubbing color in order to more accurately match the local “hatch” will yield the best results on the water.


  • Hook: Standard dry-fly hook (here a TMC 100), size 18-22.
  • Thread: Olive, 6/0 or 140-denier.
  • Tail: Grizzly neck feather.
  • Wingcase/Wings/Head: Dark natural CDC Puff.
  • Body: Natural Australian possum dubbing (subject to change).


Now you know how to tie the CDC transitional midge!

Video courtesy of Tightline Video 

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