How to Tie: The Blood Dot Egg

In this week’s “How to Tie” video feature, The New Fly Fisher and Jeff Blood demonstrate how to tie an incredibly effective fly during the spawning seasons, the Blood Dot Egg.

Difficulty: Easy

The Blood Dot Egg fly is a pattern created by Jeff Blood in the early 80s to imitate eggs for trout and steelhead. During his examination of eggs in the river, he noticed there were distinct profiles and decided to bring this knowledge to the vise. Egg flies are most effective during spawning seasons, where fish will actively pursue these high protein items. When used at the right time, the Blood Dot Egg may just turn around the slowest of days on the water.

Before tying a batch of these flies, try to take Jeff Blood’s approach and observe the local eggs, then “match the hatch” on your vise. Although very simple, it is beneficial to determine the right size, then tie a few batches of similar profile. This allows you to be prepared and able to change sizes if the trout are not cooperating. The Blood Dot Egg allows little need for changes or modifications, as this fly simply works and should always be in your box during fall and spring.

Fishing this in a two fly nymph rig is immensely effective. Using a heavier fly as your anchor and tying the Blood Dot Egg off a dropper tag is one way to ensure you get this lighter fly down. During the spawning seasons, implementing this fly in your rigs will undoubtedly help entice those fish lurking behind redds and make for a day with your rod bent longer. Now that fall is here, remember not to fish over redds, but rather for the fish behind waiting for eggs to tumble down the gravel.


Now you know how to tie the Blood Dot Egg.

Video and ingredients courtesy of The New Fly Fisher.

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