How to Tie: Galloup Caddis Pupa

In this week’s “How to Tie” video feature, The Slide Inn gives us a legendary tutorial on how to tie the Galloup Caddis Pupa.

Difficulty: Intermediate

Caddis exist in almost every stream in the United States. Going to the river without an arsenal of caddisflies is foolish, to say the least. The Galloup Caddis Pupa is a nymph pattern that should always be in your fly box, especially during spring and summer. Kelly Galloup is a mastermind behind the vise and all his flies are tested and proven through hours on the water.

The profile of the Galloup Caddis Pupa is essential to production. Take the time to create the right dubbing loop and ensure that you have a 2:1 ratio for light to dark dub. The simplistic and easy look of this fly will be comparable to the difficulty of tying this through practice and taking the necessary amount of time for your skill level. A buggy profile combined with Ice Dub creates a look that trout unequivocally love.

Although there may not be a caddis hatch visible on your river, these bugs live there year-round. Pairing the Galloup Caddis Pupa with another nymph in a double nymph rig is a great way to survey water. This fly may just entice those active trout when they are feeding but you are unable to spot bugs on the surface. Being patient and going at the speed your tying skill level requires will greatly improve your profile, fly, and your overall competence behind the vise.


  • Hook: Dai-Riki #135 Size 14
  • Body: Life Cycle Caddis Dubbing – Pale Green and Dark Green (2:1)
  • Wing: Ice Dub UV Pearl
  • Collar: Pine Squirrel – Olive

Now you know how to tie the Galloup Caddis Pupa.

Video and ingredients courtesy of TheSlideinn aka Galloup’s Slide Inn.

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