How to Strip Set with a Fly Rod

Lets be real, one of the most satisfying feelings in fly fishing is setting the hook only to feel that line tighten up as the feisty fish on the business end takes off like a bat out of hell. As anglers, it is imperative to become knowledgeable in hook setting based on the species and location in which you are fishing. Whether stripping large streamers in fresh or salt water, the Strip Set is an effective technique all anglers should have in their bag of tricks. Unlike your typical nymph or dry fly hook set, the strip set ensures the fly is driven into the chompers of the species eating your fly. In this weeks tips and tricks tutorial, Jason Grande of Reef & Ledge explains how to effectively perform the strip set.

How to Strip Set:

  1. Keep your hands extended away from your waist to allow room for the strip set.
  2. Make sure your rod tip is pointed down. This will help keep your fly down in the water column.
  3. Strip your line towards the hip of your line stripping hand.
  4. When the fish comes up and eats the fly, strip set your line hard back towards you. This will drive the hook into the mouth of the fish.
  5. Be sure not to lift your rod tip first as this will yank the fly right out of the fish’s mouth.
  6. Once the strip set has been locked in, now you can raise your rod tip and get your slack line on the reel.
  7. Lastly, hold on and enjoy the fight!

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