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2020 is now behind us and the horizons of 2021 are live and well. This past year was a year of growth and reflection. Although it was tough and full of change, it was a great year to take advantage of your local waters in pursuit for the fish species we know and love. If you are new to fly fishing, it is important to know the basics going into 2021 to ensure for a successful year of fishing. As overwhelming as it can be, fly fishing is about getting outdoors, exploring new areas, and enjoying your time removed from daily stressors. In this tips and tricks video of the week, Russell Miller of Trouts Fly Fishing and Umpqua Feather Merchants breaks down how to select the correct tippet for your fishing scenario. Umpqua Tippet Material can be purchased directly from Trouts Fly Fishing at their Denver or Frisco locations or online by clicking here.

How to Select Your Tippet

Dry Fly Fishing:

  • Using nylon tippet is best when in comes to dry fly fishing. Nylon carries less mass that fluorocarbon material therefore it floats on the surface far better than heavier tippet.
  • The benefit of nylon is that it doesn’t absorb water. This means there will be less drag and better floating capabilities for dry flies.
  • Presentation with dry flies is everything and nylon improves the ability for subtle approaches.

Nymphing or Streamer Fishing:

  • Fluorocarbon tippet is necessary for nymphing or streamer fishing. This tippet carries a heavier mass and gets down in the water column much easier.
  • The goal for these two styles of fishing is to present the nymphs or streamers to the fish lying deep. This heavier and more invisible material is perfect for just that.
  • Fluorocarbon is naturally more abrasion resistant. This is very important for saving your tippet as it is pulled between rocks and structure deep in the water columns.

All in all, nylon tippet will be perfect when taking subtle casting approaches to rising trout. Fluorocarbon tippet is great for stealthy nymphing approaches as well as chucking streamers around all day. Hopefully you have learned how important selecting the correct tippet material is. Being educated on the water is one of the most important assets you can carry with you. Best of luck out there and remember to soak in and enjoy your surroundings!

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