With the explosion of Social Media, the bar continues to be raised when it comes to getting “epic” fish pictures. One photo that continues to catch the attention of audiences, is the 1/2 underwater perspective. It’s the type of photo that pulls the attention of a viewer, giving them a glimpse of the world down under, along with the passion and background of the angler above.

But how hard is it to get this shot?
As the technology for getting this shot is relatively new, you have two solid options…
Option number one: KNEKT USA – This is going to be your best option if you are not trying to drop “an arm and a leg”…
We contacted our friends @tuglifetrio from Utah to give you an extensive review (and some tips) on this product: “I have always been intrigued by the artistic, unique perspective of a good over/under shot.  I spent countless hours trying to get one of these coveted shots using my GoPro only to come home with no precise 50/50 water line and sheer disappointment.  I scoured the internet in search of a dome port attachment for my DSLR camera only to find products well out of my budget.  After nearly accepting the fact that this over/under shot I sought after was impossible I found out about KNEKT Dome Ports. With a much more affordable price tag, I immediately ordered one. After experimenting with my new purchase learned very quickly this dome port is the real deal.  These shots truly showcase the underwater world and the above water world all in one capture. With a KNEKT dome port, you are provided with a plethora of options for that killer shot!  With the optically correct acrylic dome, complete access and visibility to the GoPro buttons/settings, and many other highlights I am well equipped to get the shots I could only dream of.

After experimenting with this dome port I came to a quick realization that well sought after shots don’t come automatically.  This has brought about a lot of trial and error. While I am still learning about all of the options here are a few tips to get that shot that will leave you fully satisfied and your friends in awe:”

1. Ensure that the dome is clear of debris inside and out.  This includes smudge marks, lint, and other unwanted particles.  

 2. Seek after areas of the river where the current is not too much.  If the current is too strong you will find your dome quickly submerged in water.  Glassy areas with a little current are ideal.  This will provide you with a standard 50/50 straight across split shot as well as some chances to get the water in some other areas on the dome to get a unique waterline. 

3. Watch the sun!  I cannot stress this fact enough.  Make sure that the sun is at a minimum overhead of you.  It is most ideal to have the sun at your back.  Never point the dome toward the sun.  This will eliminate the chance of reflection from the dome itself as well as particles underwater. 

4. Expect to keep the dome in the water longer than one shot.  This is critical.  I like to have my GoPro set at continuous shots every 0.5 seconds.  Try one spot/angle combo for 5-10 seconds holding the dome as still as you can (too much movement can cause too much blurriness).  Then move to another spot/angle combo.  This will give you the greatest chance of getting some good options to choose from. 

5. When specifically taking pictures with fish in a river positioning of the person holding the fish and the person taking pictures is important.  Communicate with each other and make sure the “picture zone” is not clouded up with turbidity from you moving around the targeted area.  This will give you the greatest chance of getting that gin clear look we all like.  

6. Don’t be afraid to play around with angles and distances.  Get creative!  Make sure to have enough memory to give you some freedom with this and have fun!

Option Number 2: Aquatech Imaging Solutions

Pros: Quality… When you invest in an Aquatech housing you are most likely a professional photographer or an eccentric hobbyist with too much money… These housings are made for quality DSLR cameras, and the results are truly incredible.

Cons: The Price… With only a few options for quality water housings, you are going to have to drop at least 1,500 to make this work… On top of the DSLR, I’m guessing you already own?

KNEKT Photos Courtesy of @Tuglifetrio – Aquatech Photo Courtesy @theflyfishingnation

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