After several missed opportunities blamed on a 20-knot southwest wind, I finally managed to get a good cast to one cruising in about 3 or 4 feet of water.  I could only see his shadow but could tell it was a better one.  Somehow my first cast I landed a 4-inch red streamer fly about 5 feet in from of the shark and he instantly inhaled it.  The streamer was tied that morning by a hungover friend and I guess imitated the pogy chum perfectly.  As soon as I hooked it I felt like I was deep into the backing, luckily the skiff was right there and my buddy had it fired up by the time I jumped in.  Somehow we managed to start chasing it before I was out of line, these sharks are strong.

We fought the fish for over an hour before he tired and luckily ran up in some shallow water where we were able to grab it without putting too much strain on it.

We took a few pictures, got her revived and back on her way to terrorize more tourists.

You can find Jake’s other awesome pics at his Instagram @jlpose