How Blockchain Technology is Helping Source Ethical Seafood

Norway’s fish suppliers partner with IBM to track the life of farmed salmon.

Credit: Department of Marine Resources, State of Maine
Credit: Department of Marine Resources, State of Maine

A collective of Norwegian salmon farmers has partnered with IBM and technology provider Atea ASA to gather data on how salmon is bred, stored, and shipped. The new initiative will use Blockchain technology to ensure only ethically produced and healthy salmon make it to your plate.

According to Bloomberg this move “will help Norway’s suppliers differentiate their premium products from other exporters, curb origin fraud, and cut waste.”

“Blockchain lets us share the fish’s journey from the ocean to the dinner table,” said Alf-Goran Knutsen, chief executive officer of Kvaroy Arctic, a supplier that’s part of the initiative. “This is now more timely than ever.”

For more on how Blockchain tech is helping Norway’s salmon farmers, check out this article by Bloomberg.

Source: Bloomberg

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