Earlier this week, the Danish Government officially ended the development of any new pen salmon fishing in their waters. They will no longer allow any new farms from being developed as well as blocking any further expansion of the current 19 active farms. The future, according to the Danish, will be land-based fish farming.

The move is in response to an international appeal to end Atlantic salmon farming after farm conditions and several accidents, have shown what can happen when farming is done poorly. Denmark’s Environment Minister Lea Wermelin, officially said the end of farming is for, “the sake of the marine environment and pointed out that the coastal areas and inland waters are overloaded with nitrogen.”

“We have major challenges with oxygen deficiencies, and we can see that nitrogen emissions are not falling as expected. Therefore, it is the government’s position that there is no room for more or larger facilities in Denmark,” said Wermelin.

We hope more governments follow the Danish’s lead and work to move saltwater fish farming operations in-land where they cannot affect the delicate balance of our marine ecosystems.

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