In fall of 2018, the Flylords team traveled to Salta Argentina, a small city in the northern mountains of Argentina. On the outskirts of this beautiful city, you can find Alejandro Haro and his team of guides which make up Juramento Fly Fishing.

Their operation focuses on fly fishing trips for Golden Dorado, targeting these fish in two main rivers, the Juramento, and the Rio Dorado. Alejandro pioneered fishing in this area and has spent the majority of his life protecting these fish from poachers and overfishing.

For more info on this operation you can visit you can also find more info on protecting these fish at Thanks to Patagonia Fly Fishing for support on this project. And to Adorama Camera for helping us have the right gear out in the field.

Director, Jared Zissu, DP: Max Erickson, Edit by Ben Kalbfeld

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