In our latest Gear Review, we had the chance to test out the new Ross Colorado Click and Pawl Reel. Check out what we had to say below.

Ross has always lived up to its mission to inspire adventure pushing premium quality and innovative technology in each reel they produce. An updated approach on an original classic offers a more aesthetically pleasing design with aerodynamic shapes and surfaces.

Upon hearing the hype, we set out to put the 2020 Ross Colorado click and pawl reel to the test. When we think of fly reels, the sophisticated disk drag system comes to mind. The click and pawl system takes a completely different approach using a clicker that ticks against the teeth of a gear placed on the spool. Ross set the bar for click and pawl reels in 2016 with the Colorado LT offering a modern look while containing classic technology. Their drive for innovation has paved the way for the creation of the new and improved Colorado reel. Traveling through the mountains and valleys of the east coast along with the rushing river gorges of the west, we have had endless opportunities to christen this functional piece of art.

Upon Opening:

The Ross Colorado LT stole our hearts as one of the best click and pawl reels on the market. To say that Ross raised the bar with the 2020 version of the Colorado would be an understatement. The reel comes with the traditional Ross Reels neoprene carrying case perfect for keeping the reel safe during travel. This thoroughly updated design brings a visually appealing aesthetic defined by curved, aerodynamic shapes and surfaces. The newly updated clicker gear system accentuates the back side of the reel while capturing local ties with a machined silhouette of the San Juan Mountains. The most noticeable feature upon opening is the classic click and pawl sound.


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In the modern age of fly fishing, performance is important but come on, who doesn’t appreciate a slick looking set up? The new Colorado offers a more open spool creating a cleaner look with a large arbor showing off the backing and line. Feel free to get crazy with a customized look that will make all of your buddies jealous out on the water. Take it from the photo above from a local fly shop.

Field Testing:


Ross Colorado in use

Click and Pawl reels have their own place in the fly fishing industry most notably with the traditional anglers of the sport. There is something about that click that really captures the essence of the past and how the sport has evolved over the years. The Ross Colorado holds its own in the click and pawl category with its classic sound along with modern strength and feel. This reel has been put to the test on both the east coast and the western plains and is easily one of the most reliable click and pawl reels on the market. Ross took the original design and added a modern twist to ensure optimum performance no matter the situation. Although this reel does not offer the common disk drag technology, the stopping power of the gear and clicker is nothing to scoff at. Having hooked and landed multiple fish of size, this reel handles anything thrown at it. As mentioned previously, click and pawl reels have their time and place. The 2020 Ross Colorado has left a tremendous impression with us and will be a mainstay in our arsenal.


Ross is known for making reels out of some of the finest materials for the sole purpose of holding up when put to the test. That mentality has far exceedingly been carried into the 2020 Colorado. This reel features an industry first bushing made of fully machined Vesconite. being made with this incredibly strong material, Ross ensures a lifetime of flawless operation. The semi-caged frame offers unmistakable strength and performance unmatched by its competitors. Let it be said that the bar has been raised with the 2020 Colorado and can easily be trusted in any scenario it is put through.

Overall Specs and Features:

  • New semi-caged frame creates an unprecedented strength while keeping the package very lightweight.
  • Vesconite bushing for a uniquely smooth feel.
  • Unidirectional click pawl drag system.
  • Crisp, audible sound.
  • Canvas micarta handle enhance grip when wet.
  • Large arbor for a fast retrieval and reduced line memory.
  • Available in sizes 2/3 and 4/5.

Final Review:

Ross Colorado Brown Trout PA


5 star rating


5 star rating


3 stars

Visual Appeal:

5 star rating


If you are in the market for reel that is different from any other reel that you may own, the Colorado is the one for you. That classic sound will stop anyone in their tracks and the industry leading design can be counted on without any doubts. Every aspect of this reel was carefully analyzed from start to finish and is designed to be fished on small and large bodies of water alike. Whether you’re an old school fly-angler or a novice up and comer, the 2020 Ross Colorado is well suitable for anyone who is willing to put it to the test.


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