On the Water with Ross Reels New San Miguel Reel

Earlier this year at IFTD (International Fly Tackle Dealer Show), Ross Reels released the all-new redesigned San Miguel Reel. The release of the reel led to it winning the Best New Freshwater Reel at IFTD. The newly redesigned reel brings the classic back to life with a few upgrades. The team at Flylords wanted to learn more about the San Miguel so we went straight to Montrose, Colorado to Ross Reels HQ where the San Miguel’s are designed and manufactured. We caught up with Bart Larmouth of Ross Reels to ask him some questions about the new reel.

Flylords: We know you have this new reel coming to the market. What’s it called? Why are you excited about it?

Bart: The New San Miguel! Back in the day (over 20 years ago), the San Miguel epitomized what a Ross Reel was – and they are still a pretty coveted reel by anyone who ever saw one. The new version takes all the classic features that folks loved about the original but puts it in a new package with cutting edge materials and features. Personally, I have always wanted a San Miguel, and now I can fish with one that has all the nostalgia of the original that I love that also has the bells and whistles of a modern fly reel.

Flylords: It won Best New Freshwater Reel at the IFTD New Product Showcase, why do you think other people are so excited about it?

Bart: While I am sure nostalgia played a role, it was the fit, finish, and feel were what drew people in. The liquid-smooth free spool and high gloss black finish didn’t hurt the cause either.

Flylords: What makes it different than the first version?

Bart: The three big differences are a large arbor, as well as a sealed carbon / stainless drag system, and Ross’ signature canvas micarta handle.

Flylords: Can you tell us a little bit about what went into the recreation of this reel?

Bart: Our design team sat with originals on their desk while trying to determine how to bring it into the year 2019, and asked fans of the original what made the reel special. We then took those features, we’re sure to keep them, but added all the modern machining and materials that we have been incorporating in our other products over the last few years.

Flylords: What sizes are going to be available? Any other colors?

Bart: It is available in 3/4, 4/5, and 5/6, in three color choices: Black, Black, or Black.

Flylords: The price point is on the higher side compared to the other Ross Reels, why is it so expensive?

Bart: The finish work and componentry that go into this reel really bring it up in quality.  The hand-polishing is not done with other Ross products, and the stainless steel engraved componentry also adds just that little something that takes it up to the next level.

Flylords: When and where is the reel going to be available?

Bart: It will be available at all authorized Ross Reels dealers starting December 2nd. Just in time for Christmas! You can find a local dealer through this link.

Flylords: Anything else you want to add?

Bart: While the San Miguel looks amazing in photographs, once you have one in your hand you will be blown away! You have to feel it to believe it!


  • Classic San Miguel aesthetic coupled with modern performance updates
  • Polished, high-gloss black finish
  • Powerful and smooth carbon / stainless sealed drag system
  • Canvas micarta handle enhances grip when wet
  • Large arbor for fast retrieval and reduced line memory
  • Push-button spool release
  • Available in sizes 3/4, 4/5, and 5/6

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