5 Tips for Fly-Out Fishing

If you have access to an airplane or can rent out a charter plane, you need to try flyout fishing. Taking a plane out to a remote creek where the only competition is the wildlife is very exciting. Fishing untouched water is unmatched, and we want you to be prepared. Whether you have your own bush plane or are going on a chartered trip, this article will set you up for success. Read below to learn five awesome tips for flyout fishing!

1. Pack Light

Weight and balance is an essential part of flyout fishing. To get into remote airstrips, it’s important to be as light as possible (good thing fly fishing gear is lightweight). Bring a small backpack for your fly box, reel, and snacks. Pick out a fly box or two that you really want and don’t bring an entire bag on fly boxes. You might have to go for a short or long hike to get to the fishing spot, so bring a pack that is comfortable to walk in. We recommend the Simms Dry Creek Z waterproof backpack. If you’re bringing a net, use a lightweight one that takes up minimal space.

2. Do Your Research

Depending on where you live, there will be a variety of strips or a limited few. We recommend researching quality strips and locations for your fishing adventure. If you’re the pilot, start at a long strip, and slowly work your way up to short gravel bars. Likewise, if you’re on floats, start at a large lake with lots of creek outlets. There can also be some pretty amazing fishing right next to long airstrips or even airports.

3. Be Prepared

Mother nature can throw all sorts of things at you when out in the wild. It is important to have layers, a first aid kit, and extra food. Airplanes can take you to some incredible locations, but it is essential to be prepared for the elements and everything else. Using a Garmin Inreach or Spot can be very beneficial in remote locations without phone service. If you are spending a lot of time in the bush, you can invest in a satellite phone plan.

Are you going to be flying into bear country? If so, bring bear spray or a gun, you don’t want to be caught in the middle of nowhere with a bear between you and your plane!

4. Use a 4-Piece Rod

Although you might be able to fit a full rod in some planes, it is best to carry your rod in a tube. A 4 piece rod is quick and easy to put together, and it saves you lots of space in the plane. We recommend the G Loomis IMX Pro and the Orvis Helios 3F, which are both available from 4 to 8 weight. Whatever 4 piece rod you end up using will make flyout fishing easy and minimalistic.

5. Take Lots of Pictures

Flyout fishing is a surreal experience, and you are going to want to remember it forever. Take a variety of pictures, so you can share your experience with family and friends. You never know what you are going to see when flying, whether it be fish, glaciers, or rivers. If you’re looking for some flying and fishing inspiration, check out Flyout TV on youtube.

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