Patagonia Raises $20 Million for Grassroots Environmental Organizations

On Black Friday, Patagonia announced that they would be matching donations up to $10 million, to grassroots organizations in their Action Works program. Action Works has been a part of Patagonia’s identity for decades, having donated over $100 million since 1985. This year, they raised $20 million, in just 17 days, thanks to the generosity of the thousands of people who donated to Action Works affiliated organizations.

The idea was simple, Patagonia would match the donations dollar-for-dollar, and double the amount of funding each organization would receive from their individual campaigns.

Patagonia CEO Rose Marcario had this to say regarding the campaign, “Our government ceded our world leadership to fight the climate crisis, our air quality has worsened, our public lands were reduced by millions of acres, access to clean water is being threatened, and green energy policies are on the back burner. On Black Friday, we asked our customers and friends to help our home planet and the grassroots environmental groups in their communities by donating through Patagonia Action Works. We pledged to match their donations dollar for dollar, up to $10 million.”

This pledge was all that was needed to spur a wildfire of donations to these grassroots organizations.

“We’re energized by our community’s response,” said Lisa Pike Sheehy, who leads Patagonia’s environmental activism team. “Together we made history—in 17 days, our community raised $10 million for environmental nonprofits. This is extraordinary generosity to some of the most deserving and under-appreciated efforts to save the planet.”

To everyone who donated to Action Works affiliated groups and helped raise these funds, we say thank you! Through your donations and Patagonia’s matching, grassroots organizations around the world are going to be able to fight to protect the environment and their communities.

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