Yup, you read the title correctly. The high-running Potomac River flooded parts of Washington, D.C. on Tuesday, leading to quite the opportunity for Arwel Evans. Evans, who had traveled to D.C. all the way from Wales on vacation, decided to take out his fly rod and head down to the flooded areas of Washington D.C. for one of those exploratory sessions that we have all attempted. Except he was successful and lucky enough to have his session documented by local photographer, Loic Pritchett. We were unable to get in contact with Evans, but according to Angela Fritz of the Washington Post, he hooked into some carp where people normally eat picnics–congrats, Arwel! It’s always a cool trip when that unorthodox plan works out! For more on the story, check out this Washington Post article.

Photos Courtesy of Loic Pritchett and Angela Fritz, Washington Post.

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