Fly Fishing and Football with Devin Street

“My buddy (IG: @fly_fishing_buck) and I ventured up to the Teton Wilderness.  We had gotten word there were some brookies up there in a few lakes and small streams. Sure enough, we found them in the high alpine. And I was lucky enough to have a moment with my personal favorite fish.”

We asked him about the parallels between the demanding sports of fly fishing and football,

“I play in the NFL (currently a free agent) and have always dealt with coaches pushing you to be the best, ‘winning is everything’, 80,000 fans screaming at you and ridiculing your every move on social media. So I guess you could say fly fishing is my escape or slice of tranquility. Fish don’t lie or cheat, they can’t be bought, bribed or impressed by power, everything is earned.”

When asked if he could sum up his fly fishing journey he had this to say,

“Fly fishing has taken me on many backcountry roads leading to unparalleled landscapes paired with humble people.

I fly fish because I find solitude in the wilderness.”

 Oh yeah, did we mention the dude is a pro football player?

Devin Street is a current free agent in the NFL and he divides his time between training and fly fishing in the Rockies.

Check him out on Instagram @dev15


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