IGFA Launches Inaugural Permit Invitational C&R Tournament

IGFA is launching a new fly fishing Permit tournament in the Lower Florida Keys to kicking off later this week. Registration is still open,...
Spey fishing tips

#FliesForFireRelief – Fly Fishing Community Rallies to Support Fire Relief

Josh Mills and the #FliesFor community are back making their impact on those affected by the devastating fires that have struck the Pacific Northwest,...
Garrison Doctor Flies For Farms

#FliesForFarms – Rebuilding the Community of Gales Point, Belize

In the past year, the fly fishing community has become a powerhouse of altruism, banding together to support fishing communities impacted by natural disasters...

Sarah Landstrom Creates Amazing Custom Yeti Cooler for CalTrout

We're always excited to see fly fishing artists use their talents to benefit organizations like CalTrout, a non-profit dedicated to preserving and protecting California's...
Opros Protect our Planet Wristband

O’Pros Launches Protect Our Planet Pledge Wristbands

Have you ever taken a fishing trip deep in the woods, only to come across an abundance of trash and waste littered throughout the...
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Staying Afloat #7: Sight Line Provisions

Introducing the Staying Afloat Series, where we take an inside look into the lives of many different fly fishing guides, shops, brands, and lodges across the...
Autism Awareness

Flies for a Cause: 2020 Autism Awareness Creative Concept Contest

Over the last few years, we have seen an uprising in the fishing community around the world. The industry has blossomed in multiple directions...

10 Nonprofits you Can Give Back To: Giving Tuesday 2019

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Plenty of family time, more food than previously thought possible, you name it there is a lot...

TU Costa 5 Rivers Rendezvous – 2019 Northeast Recap

For some, the term Fly Fishing inflicts a casual passion, and for others, a lifelong pursuit. For some, it means throwing size 18 flies on...

Disabled Veteran Ties 1,000 Purple Heart Flies To Honor Wounded Veterans

We are always inspired when we hear of good people using their talents to help and honor others. Harold Watters, a disabled veteran and...