Far From Home Ep. 3: Rio Paraná

The Width of the US is 2,680 miles, the length of the Paraná River is 3030 miles. Home to over 350 species of fish, the watershed is one of the most diverse fisheries in all of South America. Anglers from around the world travel to its banks in search of trophy Golden Dorado who will destroy monster streamers, and topwater flies.

Although they are not held in as high regard, the Wolffish also calls the river home. They are scary-looking creatures that sit in shallow warm water, waiting for the next mouse to scurry across the surface or frog to leap into their direction.

Navigating this fishery properly is not an easy task, that’s where Golden Dorado River Cruiser comes in… A group of passionate anglers, guides, and crew make up this floating mothership. When the river gets high, the anchors are pulled and the boat moves in search of productive sections of river. Constantly moving, we dubbed this crew the Gypsies of the Paraná.

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