At the foot of the Bavarian Alps, embedded in the postglacial landscape, runs the cold and crystal clear river Traun.

Every year my family enjoys spending our fall vacations in the Chiemgau region with hiking and fly fishing.

Besides fishing in the river Traun, the Förchensee, which is virtually the source of the Traun, also offers a fantastic fishery for rainbows, brown trout, and char.

My son managed to catch this unspeakably beautiful male rainbow on a tiny size 18 nymph on the last day of our trip.

Generally, the fish in Traun and Förchensee are quite picky about their food offers and inspect the patterns presented to them most meticulously late in the season, a grueling affair.

But in the end, the stunning colors and perfect physical shape of these fish are worth a try.

Article and photo from Frank Steinmann, a freshwater ecologist, and photographer based in Germany, follow along with him at @franksteinmann.

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