Our Favorite Stories from Female Anglers

In honor of International Women’s Day, we want to highlight the incredible women who have contributed to Flylords and are out there on the water pursuing their passion. Here are our favorite pieces from female Flylords Contributors:

Women on the Water Series


Check out the full series, here! 

Fishing BC: Meadow Lake Tranquility with Paula Shearer

Fishing BC made yet another beautiful video featuring Paula Shearer lake fishing in Caribou Country. Paula stayed at the Meadow Lake Lodge and fished for rainbow trout in this pristine part of British Columbia. Caribou Country is located in the middle of BC and offers lake and river fishing amidst amazing scenery. To learn more about Paula’s trip and her unique loon encounter, check out our interview with her below.

Behind the Lens: Pheonix

Phoenix isn’t about some far-off destination or some exotic species. It’s a story that hits a little closer to home. It’s about Katie Fielder Anderson and her love for her daughter Phoenix, a passion for fly fishing, and her willingness to take a leap of faith in order to pursue her passion and inspire her daughter to one day do the same. A mom named Katie Fiedler, a mom of a daughter named Phoenix, a mom whose passion is fly fishing, a mom whose story tells a leap of faith in order to inspire her 4-year-old with a shared passion: Fly Fishing.

Read the full interview with Katie, here!

Behind the Guides with Camille Egdorf McCormick
Meet Camille Egdorf McCormick, a fly fishing guide based currently in the Bozeman, Montana.  Camille has mostly guided in Alaska, but has hosted trips all over the world. The Flylords team was lucky enough to spend an evening on the water with Camille and her son Deke. It was amazing to watch her balance being an angler and a mother and hear about her fishing career. We are excited to add Camille to our ongoing blog series “Behind the Guides” presented by Costa Sunglasses.

Learn How To Fly Fish like The Heroine You Are

When I was learning to fly fish, I mistakenly believed I needed a boyfriend to teach me. I met a boy who owned a raft, knew the very best fishing holes, and was cute enough. He’d do the trick. But just as I was learning to cast and way past falling hopelessly in love, I broke him off so to speak.

I was left with a 6 wt rod, a handful of dry flies, and a burning desire to fish.  Heartbreak aside, I would learn to fly fish gosh-darn-it. I am no damsel in distress! Soon after the breakup, I went to the river only to find I had no idea how to rig up a rod, select a fly or read water– he had always done that for me.

Read the rest of Gloria’s journey here!

Palometa Stoke!

Palometa or permit have always been high on my fish bucket list and this was my first saltwater fly fishing experience to try to bring that dream to fruition. To say the least I was nervous would be a major understatement. I was terrified.

I not only wanted to prove to myself that I could do this, but I also wanted to do this for all my fellow female anglers, to remind ourselves that ‘we can’.

Read more here!

How I Landed My First DIY Permit – Heather Harkavy

“We were driving down the beach on our way to go “surfing” when I screamed to my friend to slam on the brakes. A school of twenty or more permit had their backs out of the water in the surf feeding in the incoming tide…”

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Faces of Fly Fishing: Tatum Monod

“Flylords: How long have you been fly fishing for, who got you into the sport?
Tatum: I’ve been fishing since I was six years old. Some of the first memories I have are of my dad putting me in a big plastic container in his drift boat. We would fish all day rain or shine and I loved every minute of it. Long before I learned how to cast my dad would catch a fish and immediately pass me the rod to reel it in. I think that’s what really got me hooked (no pun intended) on fishing…”
“Rachel is the head guide for The Hungry Trout up near Lake Placid, a Patagonia ambassador, and has also been a guide in the northeast for over 25 years. She is an incredible artist, angler, friend, and had us laughing the entire trip… Apologies for the language in the article, but Rachel doesn’t hold back, and it’s part of her charm…”

“Catch up with Patagonia Ambassador, Kate Crump. Kate is a fly-fishing guide, mentor to fly women, and an all-around great individual. She is also pioneering some incredible things in the Northwest Region of the U.S…”

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Chasing Steel – Maddie Lewis

“Chasing winter steelhead has presented an entirely different set of challenges than any other fishing I have yet to experience. Once you get used to casting with what feels like a dumbbell on the end of your line, the fishing part itself is easy; cast, mend, repeat…”

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The Fish of a Thousand Casts – Natalie Ulicny

It wasn’t until a cold morning on an Olympic Peninsula river with my friend and guide, Andy Simon, that it really hit me. I had just hooked and lost another steelhead when he turned to me and said, “Natalie, when you feel that tug you have to stop trout setting and you have to set it like you mean it or they will spit the hook every time…”

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Path to Steel – Ruth Simms

“Before fly fishing came to me I had heard of the fish Steelhead trout but knew nothing about it except for old fishing tales my dad talked of. Being born and raised in Seattle my favorite fishing use to be the endless species inhabiting Elliot Bay. When I cast my first fly rod that all changed…”

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So here’s to all of the incredible women out there chasing fish and sharing their love of the sport of fly fishing with the world. Tight lines!


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