Dry Fly Tactics – Casting to Rising Trout

It’s that time of year again. Cool brisk mornings on the water turn into warm sunny days by mid-morning. Springtime is the start of a new hatch cycle, and as anglers, we couldn’t be more excited. Dry fly fishing is a technical approach to fly fishing but when a plan comes to fruition, there isn’t a better feeling. In this tips and tricks video of the week, The Orvis Company demonstrates the proper approach to fishing for rising trout.

Dry Fly Tactics

Trout have what is called a feeding window. This is the radius that a trout is willing to travel to feed. When water temperatures fare on the colder side, the feeding window for trout is much smaller as opposed to warmer water temperatures.

Cold Water Tactics:

Image Credit to the Orvis Company

When fishing in colder water temperatures, it is important to remember to use smaller flies. Trout are more sluggish and not willing to move as far and so tight feeding windows = small flies. Along with colder water, low flows will also result in a smaller feeding window while trout are feeding.

Warmer Water Tactics:

Image Credit to the Orvis Company

Generally, when water temperatures are on the warmer side, trout will be much more active. This results in a larger feeding window. When this is the case, you can get away with using larger flies to induce a downstream take.

Where to Position Yourself:

No matter the size of the trout’s feeding window, it is always best to position yourself for a cast that will land and drift into your side of the feeding window. This is important to remember because you have more room for error if the cast is positioned properly. If you cast across the pool, you will expose yourself and likely spook the trout feeding in that zone.

The key takeaway when fishing with dry flies is position, position, position. Placing your fly in the strike zone will lead to a successful day on the water. Once those hatches start popping off, take your dry fly box out and give these tips a try. Best of luck out there!

For more tips and tricks, check out the Orvis Company YouTube Channel by clicking here.

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