Don’t Sleep on Winter Fishing

For some, late Fall and Winter means putting away the fly rod for a few months to wait for fairer weather, but for others, the pursuit of fish continues no matter the temperature. We asked Flylords contributor Benjamin Kraushaar what late fall and winter fishing means to him in his home state of Wyoming…

Fall in Wyoming is volatile and amazing, unforgiving and glorious. The fishing is hard to beat, but be prepared to get a little beat up. The weather can switch from sunny and warm to snowing and windy with no warning. The possibility of frostbite is real and river access is always a little more difficult. More often than not, muddy ruts try to eat your vehicle and you have to hike in, through snowdrifts and soggy mud bogs. Once on the river, the crack and pop of clearing ice-filled guides becomes as routine as a cast or mend.

Despite the cold and potential misery, fall fishing in Wyoming is almost as amazing as summer wet wading. While I would prefer to toss dry flies to rising trout while sipping a cool summer lager, nymphing deep pools and chucking meat to feisty browns is just as satisfying. If you have yet to get out on the water this Fall, get after it. You won’t be disappointed.

Ben Kraushaar is a Flylords Contributor and photographer out of Wyoming. Check his other work out Instagram @benjamin_kraushaar!

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