Diver Recovers Lost Fly Rod from Bottom of Wyoming Lake

Photo courtesy of Ben Borcher

How far would you go to recover your favorite rod setup if it fell overboard?

We’ve all been there or seen a rod go overboard on social media. Generally, it happens when the angler isn’t paying attention and kicks a setup overboard, or a big fish pulls a bit too hard and yanks a rod out of an angler’s hand. If this happens in deep, fast, or cold water, typically recovering the rod is a lost cause, but that wasn’t the case when Ben Borcher dropped an heirloom rod over the side of his boat on Wyoming’s Cody Reservoir.

The rod was a gift from Ben to his father, and after his father’s sudden passing, Ben began to use the rod exclusively as a way to keep his father’s passion for fly fishing alive.

Ben and his friends and family tried fruitlessly multiple times to snag the sunken rod with conventional tackle, but every cast came up empty. This prompted Ben and his wife to take to social media to see if anyone with diving experience could help them recover the cherished fishing pole. Lucky for them, master diver Paul Brock answered the call and after a few dives in the murky water, Paul hit pay dirt and surfaced with the lost rod.

You can read more about the rod and its underwater recovery, here!

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