Salmon Fry Born From Sperm Frozen 20 Years Ago to be Released

20 year old salmon sperm hatched

We couldn’t have made this headline up if we tried…

According to an article from the CBC, fish biologists in British Columbia have unfrozen 20-year-old salmon sperm and hatched fry with plans to release them back into the wild. The sperm was harvested as a sort of “salmon insurance policy” against eventual environmental disasters or shifts like the Big Bar Landslide on the Fraser River in British Columbia, which cut an entire river system off from wild running salmon from the Pacific.

A total of 10,000 fry from the frozen batch were removed from their trays and are being raised a bit longer until their eventual release into the Endako River.

For more information on the study and the story of the frozen sperm, check out the full CBC article, here.


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