Corona Goes Stackable: Gets Rid of Plastic 6-Pack Rings

In an eco-conscious move, Corona Beer, in collaboration with Leo Burnett Mexico has created stackable cans that twist-lock into each other, eliminating the need for those pesky plastic 6-pack rings that are such a detriment on marine and aquatic life.

From AdWeek:

“Corona has found a novel way to counteract the scourge of the ecocidal plastic connector rings used to hold together packs of canned beverages.

In a campaign from Leo Burnett Mexico, the AB InBev brand is introducing a new model of beer can designed to screw into one another vertically to form a long, pole-like six-pack. The plastic-free packaging concept, dubbed the Fit Pack, made the shortlist of the Innovation category at the Cannes Lions international awards show this year.”

The stackable cans are in the final stages of product development and AB Inbev plans to use the new design on all their beer cans, pushing to eliminate plastic rings from future products.

Source: AdWeek. Corona Beer.

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