Chinook Salmon Return to Elwha River

In a recent article for the Seattle Times, Lynda Mapes details the resurgence of wild Chinook Salmon in the Elwha River after the river was finally undammed in 2014. Since that record-setting dam removal project, wild steelhead have worked their way upstream and a surging population of wild Chinook salmon are reestablishing their traditional runs as well, with a record number of 7,600 salmon making a return in 2019, the highest return since the eighties. The Elwha’s story is a conservationist’s dream, and proof that rewilding of impounded waters is possible if you just give the fish a chance.

In the phenomenal article, the author goes on to explain the difficulties the first runs of salmon faced after the first Chinook blasted past the site of the highest dam.

We cannot recommend checking this article out for yourself!

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