CBS This Morning Covers “Fly Fishing: What is it, and why is it so popular?”

CBS This Morning covers fly fishing in this simple news-style video about how fly fishing originated in the United States. Joan Wulff, the Queen of American Fly Fishing makes an appearance and she discusses how she has spent her life trying to get women in the sport and states “they finally are.” Renowned author and recent Flylords contributor Peter Kaminsky also makes an appearance to discuss how long he has been fly fishing for and what fly fishing means to him.

“Fly fishing, one of the most enduring and enchanting pursuits in the world, is finding legions of new followers during the coronavirus pandemic. Jeff Glor looks at the birthplace of American fly fishing and spends time with a writer who has been at it for over 50 years, and the Queen of American fly fishing, who has been practicing for over nine decades.”

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