Captains for Clean Water and the South Florida ecosystem need your help and voices. As progress is made toward better water management in the Sunshine State. Please watch the video below from C4C and make your voice heard by sending an email to the US Army Corp of Engineers!

From Captains for Clean Water:

“We see this every time progress is being made on our water issues. Paid political activists come out of the woodwork, paid by special interests to attack those that are the biggest threat.

Their strategy is to roadblock progress by creating conflict, confusion, and doubt using their paid army of fake reporters, fraudulent environmental groups, and other trolls as proxies to do their bidding. Do not be misled by their fake news narratives.

Since the beginning of LOSOM, our support of Plan CC has ALWAYS been conditional on the premise that changes are made to address harmful discharges to the Caloosahatchee.

Together with Governor Ron DeSantis, Congressman Byron Donalds, The City of Sanibel, Florida, Conservancy of Southwest Florida, SCCF, and multiple Chambers of Commerce, we clearly expressed this position to the Army Corps letters and in every blog and social post we’ve put out over the past few months.

You’ve emailed the Corps and special interests are feeling the pressure as their control slips away. They’re coming after us and we’re happy to take the bullets. We’ve had over 12,000 of our members and supporters take action to date. KEEP THE PRESSURE ON, IT MEANS YOUR EFFORTS ARE WORKING!!!

Our supporters have been the most effective in this process and we can’t let off the gas now. Take action to protect the Caloosahatchee and read the details about the changes we’re advocating for at the link in our bio.

This is OUR home and we won’t stop fighting to protect it.”

Make your voice heard, here!

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