Bristol Bay Get’s Its Big Day on FOX News

The mainstream media is finally catching on to how important the fight for Bristol Bay and against Pebble Mine is. Recently, some big names have been tweeting and speaking out against Pebble Mine, most notably the President’s son, Donald Trump Jr., a well-known outdoorsman, others have joined in, including Jane Fonda, to urge President Trump to throw his name into the fight and stop the construction of the mine.

We’re encouraged by the big names joining in the fight and we hope that this Pebble Mine saga may finally be behind us in the near future, should President Trump do his part to end the project for good.

Vice President Biden on Bristol Bay: “It is no place for a mine”

Donald Trump Jr. Voices Opposition of Pebble Mine

KeepEmWet Becomes Non-Profit, Changes Name to “Keep Fish Wet”

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