Recently, some seriously influential political figures have come out in opposition to Pebble Mine. The list includes, former chief of staff to Vice President Pence, a feature on Tucker Carlson’s nightly show, Donald Trump Jr., and Former Vice President and Presidential Nominee Joe Biden. For months–no, for years–advocates of Bristol Bay’s sustainable economy and resources have begged the Trump administration to rationally exercise its authority to protect this pristine region and #SayNotoPebbleMine.

Well, it looks like that day is coming sooner rather than later. According to Politico’s reporting, which broke the story, “the Trump administration is planning to block the proposed Pebble Mine in Alaska early next week.” Early reports are indicating the administration will reject the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ water permits–rather than the EPA veto option, which carries different political implications (think Clean Water Act). Now nothing is official until, well, until it is official. So, we will hold off on the all-out celebration. But all indicators point towards a long-fought and well-earned victory for all Bristol Bay stakeholders.

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Trout Unlimited’s Chris Wood had this to say on the breaking news:

“If the Trump administration decides to deny this permit, it is great news for Bristol Bay and the people who depend on it. Pebble Mine would threaten the most important salmon fishery in the world—a fishery that sustains local people, provides high-paying, family-wage jobs for a thriving commercial fishing industry, and inspires America’s hunters and anglers. After years of study, it is clear that Pebble presents unacceptable risks to one of our country’s most remarkable and awe-inspiring landscapes.”

It has been a long, long fight, and I know I am excited to read these stories. I absolutely welcome and am grateful for any interjection by the Trump Administration in rejecting Pebble Mine. However, there are and will continue to be threats to the longevity and health of our fisheries. Whether it be by this administration or another, we must all do our part to protect the resources we hold dear. At this time, I am tentatively thanking the Trump administration for listening to millions of Americans and putting a stop to this mine. It truly is the wrong mine, in the wrong place.

Cover picture courtesy of @flyoutmedia

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