Flylords caught up with Mickey Finn to discuss his recent goliath of a Murray Cod that he caught. Mickey is an Aussie fly fishing guide based down in the Snowy-Mountains/CBR Australia, who specializes in everything from Murray-Cod and Trout.

How did this fish go down?

I fished by myself for a week chasing these fish with only one that MAYBE looked at the fly, that’s pretty normal this time of year as it’s the big fish that are around. I went out with my mate Will (@willcurtin_) and on the second cast my fly got RAILED! Literally, as I was talking to him about the advantage of being able to hang flies in these fishes face. The next few minutes were a blur, I’m still shaking.

Where were you and what weight rod and tackle were you using to land this trophy?

I was 20 minutes from my house on a water supply Dam called Googong in New South Wales in Australia. It has a reputation for being incredibly tough, even for spin guys, but having some of the heaviest Cod in Australia. Because its water supply you can only fish certain hours and you have to row, paddle or electric motor to fish. It is incredibly beautiful and quiet.
I was using a 9wt Loop Q with a Loop Q reel, Scientific Anglers Sink 30 warm line and a big ass fly (pictured above).

Tips for targeting big cod?

Tip 1: Never stop casting. You have to put in the time to find the fish and harass them. If your fly isn’t in the water and you’re not concentrating you will not catch fish.
Tip 2: Fish slowly with plenty of long pauses. Big cod in the winter don’t really want to chase and hang time is everything.
Tip 3: Fish with a mate. I would not have caught that fish without my buddy Will, I have been fishing it solo but with a mate, you’ve got a much better chance of landing a fish like this, not mention getting a great photo of it!

What makes Murray Cod unique?

  • They are the largest freshwater species in Australia, and one of the largest in the world.
  • Murray Cod are apex predators and will eat anything and everything they can.
  • They’ve evolved over millions of years in one of the toughest environments on the planet, they’re pre-historic Australian monsters.

Interesting Facts?

  • They can be incredibly long-lived for a fish, 30 even 40 years old.
  • They have come back from near extinction to a healthy and viable growing population.
  • My grandfather used to fish for them with live Cockatoo’s (a large parrot).
  • One of the most common ways for them to die is to chock to death on another cod.

3 Reasons to Come from the States to Fish for Them:

Reason #1: Murray Cod are only in Australia, they are our largest native freshwater fish, they don’t exist anywhere else in the world.
Reason #2: They nail flies, top-water, and sub-surface. In the summertime you can get good numbers and size, winter is tough but there’s a shot at a lake trophy (like above!).
Reason #3: They live in the most beautiful and unique environments in Australia, you can drift down giant eucalypt lined rivers or slide along a lake edge while kangaroos stare at you casting at banks.
Bonus Reason: They are one of the coolest fish that have their own personality and patterns that range from digicam to buttery yellow and chartreuse. They are one of the few fish that can really put the fear of God into you.

To book your trip with Mickey check out the Aussie Fly Fisher website here. And be sure to follow Mickey on Instagram @mickey.finn.

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