Behind the Photo: Mid-Air Dryfly Eat!

Steven Ooi (@finripplemedia) always blows us away with his incredible photography, and when we saw this image we just had to know the back story. I mean have you ever seen something like this before?


Steve: “It’s an interesting story cause I kind of had the vision of it years ago, I thought how great would it be to capture a photo of fish with his head out of the water grabbing a fly. This was all long before I had the skills and mindset to do it. And back then I put that image I had in my head into the too hard basket, but that vision remained with me in the back of my mind. It wasn’t until recently that I thought you know what, I think I can actually pull it off. So I set the goal and then went out to accomplish it. The first time it didn’t go quite right as working with wild fish is totally unpredictable at best. The fish came out of the water for the fly but at an angle that wasn’t quite what I had visioned. Luck was with me though as he then turned around and had another look before sticking his head out again swiping at the fly. I took the shot and finally, 10 years of that vision was captured.”

Photographer Spotlight: Steven Ooi

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