Steven Ooi is the kind of guy that feels more at home in a backcountry tent than in the walls of a modern home. Steve defines home as not where you live but where you feel the most comfortable, and that to him has been the outdoors.

Currently based in Tasmania, Steve is lucky enough to be surrounded by abundant lakes, tarns, rivers, and streams. Here live what some say to be the purest strain of brown trout. Fly fishing will make you a great observer. To have consistent success you need to notice all the details; the timing of hatches, feeding patterns of fish, even how the light reflects off the water. Through the lens, I’m always looking to capture some of these special moments, tell a story and share a common journey that we all experience as fly fishers.

Reaching for the sky a brown on the hunt takes to the air in an attempt to take down some dragonflies.

The mid-air meal with a mouthful of mayfly. The filament tail of a mayfly can be seen protruding from the corner of the mouth. 

Eat it, eat it! The best way to find out how well you tied your fly is to put it before the harshest of critics. That heart in your mouth moment, glad to say the judge approved.

Macro shot of a fisheye. 

Video of the Week: Goodoo

Behind the Photo: Mid-Air Dryfly Eat!

Army on the March


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