Artist Spotlight: Casey Underwood

We recently collaborated with Casey Underwood on some custom Flylords Apparel. He has been one of our favorite fly fishing artists for some time now, so we sat down with Casey to find out a little bit about his past, and what inspires him as an artist.

Why do you fly fish?
My father is a fly fisherman, as are both of my grandfathers. In hindsight, it was a pretty natural progression for me to fall in love with the creativity that comes with the approach and process of fly fishing. I did the majority of my learning during my childhood in the Owens Valley in the Eastern Sierra Nevadas. That valley and its rivers have really inspired my life path and will always be very special to me. Im a sucker for high desert trout because of it.

Where do you live?
My wife and I currently live in Seattle, WA.

How does this region influence your artwork and passion to fish?
My artwork stems from my passion for fly fishing, and this region definitely feeds that passion. Between the Olympic Peninsula, Cascades and Puget Sound, its pretty hard to beat Seattle’s centrality to diverse fly fishing opportunities. In terms of influence though, its really a cycle; my artwork motivates me to get out on the river and my time on the river motivates me to create more artwork.

Tell us about when you first started to draw. Was this before or after you started fishing?
They’ve both pretty much been there from the beginning. I can remember selling drawings of sharks to fellow classmates in first grade. I think I sold each one for a quarter. There are a lot of artists and fly fisherman in my family, so I’m not completely surprised by my passions, but I am grateful that they have combined into an actual career path.

Favorite fish you caught in 2016?
I landed my first Steelhead on the swing in 2016. It also happened to be on a red hair-wing I had tied which made it even better. My wife and I have only lived in the PNW for two years, so swinging flies for Steelhead is relatively new to me… but I’m absolutely head over heals about it. Wild Steelhead are unbelievably special and chasing them through the rainforest is a humbling and powerful experience.

Any role models in the fishing/art industry?
My three favorite artists in the industry would have to be George Hill, Nate Karnes and Tyler Hackett. Those three guys have some serious talent. Derek DeYoung deserves some major credit as well though. His work was what made me realize it was possible to be a career artist in this industry.

Favorite Drink?
It’s been a wet, cold winter and I’m really looking forward to a warm day, a Pacifico and a lime.

What is next?
I’m hoping to flesh out a lot of new ideas in the coming months. I want to really start focusing more on large, original paintings. However, it is always going to be my priority to be accessible to anyone who appreciates my work. Whether its an original, an open edition print or a decal, I want to be able to meet people where they are at and get them the artwork they are excited about.

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Born in Lake Arrowhead, California in July of 1991, Casey achieved his bachelors degree in Studio Art at Westmont College in Santa Barbara, California. He currently works as an artist, specializing in painting, drawing and photography. For more of his work, check out Casey on his website and Instagram!

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