Are Trout Becoming Meth Addicts?

If you don’t talk to trout about meth, who will?

According to some new research coming from the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague, trout can become addicted to methamphetamine that leaches into the water. Perhaps this explains why so many big trout like to sit right outside the water treatment plant. They’re not waiting for food, they’re jonesing for their next hit of the good stuff.

According to, the experiment involved:

“40 brown trout in a tank of water, containing a level of methamphetamine that has been found in freshwater rivers, for a period of eight weeks, before transferring them to a clean tank.

Then every other day the researchers checked whether the trout were suffering from methamphetamine withdrawal by giving them a choice between water containing the drug or water without. A further 40 trout were used as a control group.”

The researchers found that trout that were subjected to the meth-laced water, suffered withdrawal symptoms and immediately sought out more meth when it became available.

To read more about the bizarre experiment and its results, check out this article from!

We can’t imagine what kind of fight a methed-out trout would put up once you hooked him. On a separate note, does anyone have any good meth-imitation flies?

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