Mayfly Swarms Take Over the Midwest

Over the past 2 weeks, it there have been prime conditions along the Mississippi River for massive mayfly hatches. These annual phenomena garner a lot of public interest as the dead mayflies can stack up in almost snowdrift-like piles along roadways and covering bridges spanning the waterways the flies are hatching out of. Now you’re probably thinking you’ve seen a dense hatch or two, but these are of epic proportions!

In the past, swarms like these have caused traffic jams, baseball game delays, and can even appear on weather radar because they get so dense. We really hope at least a few anglers were able to cash in on these hatches, and before you say “warm water fish don’t eat dry flies”, you should give it a try, you’d be surprised what fish will do when its literally raining free protein!

Millions of these mayflies recently piled up on a dam in Welch, Minnesota during one of the hatches. Can you imagine the size of that cloud?!

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