Angler’s Drowning Serves as Somber Reminder to Wear PFD’s All Winter

Wilson River, Tillamook, Oregon
Photo from Tillamook PD

On November 3rd, police in Tillamook, OR responded to a call about an angler who fell into the Wilson River after several citizens reported seeing a body floating face-down in the creek.

From Tillamook PD:

“’A 41-year-old man from Hillsboro was fishing with two friends along the Wilson River, just below Mills Bridge,’ said Deputy Barnett. ‘He decided to cross the river to fish from the other side. As he made his way across, he stumbled and fell but was able to recover and make it to the other side to fish.’

The man fished from the other side for a while and then made his way back across the river toward his friends.

‘He was crossing the river when he reached a deep point, fell over, and got sucked down the river,’ said Deputy Barnett. ‘His friends witnessed the incident and said that he was trying to get back to shore. In that part of the river, the current is actually pushing you away from shore.’

The man was wearing waders, a large backpack, but was not wearing a personal floatation device (PFD).”

The angler’s fishing buddies attempted to rescue the man, but by the time they were able to reach him and pull him from the water, it was clear the angler was dead.

You can learn more about the incident, here.

This unfortunate event is a somber reminder to all anglers who like to fish on rivers and streams during the winter to always have a PFD on, or close at hand in case the worst happens. No one ever intends to fall into freezing water, but when you do, having a PFD on will likely save your life.

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