Meet the First Female Paiute Guide on Pyramid Lake

Autumn Harry made history on Pyramid Lake when she became the first Paiute woman to guide on the iconic Nevada fly fishing destination. According to the Nevada Independent, she “became the first Paiute woman licensed to offer guided fly fishing trips on the world-class fishing lake, known as Kooyooe Pa’a Panunadu in Paiute, after the tribal council approved her application in December.”

Autumn’s entry into the guiding community of Pyramid marks a huge step forward for not only the Paiute land and people, but for many underrepresented folks who want to break into the fly fishing space.

The launch of her guiding service was rocky especially when the lake and reservation closed down due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

“When the lake closed down … it made me realize that, maybe even in my own homelands, I didn’t always feel welcome in these spaces,” she said. “But I’m realizing that these are my homelands. I belong here. I have a lot to offer as a guide.”

You can find Autumn’s guide business on Instagram at @kooyooepaa_guides.

Read the full article from the Nevada Independent highlighting Autumn and her breakthrough guiding career, here!

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