Anglers Catch Fish Amid Largest Fire in Country

The Substation fire is the largest fire in the nation. One confirmed fatality. Large wheat crop losses. The fire is in Wasco County Oregon, home to the Deschutes River, which is currently closed from Sherrars Falls to the Columbia River.


“We were on the river yesterday and had a good idea of what the fire was doing. This video was from this morning. We ran up to check it out. This video is of us crossing the fire line. Upstream, was completely burned and the fire was out. Scorched from ridge to ridge all the way down to the water.” (Ryan Buccola writes, who took the video.)


“We even found a pot of chrome”! This was Jack Buccola’s first swung steelhead (age 11). Sam Sickles of Steelhead Outfitters put us on that fish!37379204_10215796800249131_6216091951159050240_n


Big shout out to Ryan Buccola for sending in such a crazy story. Stay safe out there people, and make sure you understand the potential impact of a wildfire.

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