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“I have been chasing Delta Carp for 15 years now and it has been an incredible journey. I was out with my 11 year old son @kasixsherman on a glorious May day. It was all about him and he had just landed a 14 pound Delta Carp. Kasix was stoked and said “Dad you’re up!”

Kasix Sherman with his 14 pound Delta Carp.

“I grabbed the rod and stood on point. Thirty seconds go by and this giant comes cruising down the edge coming right at me. It’s crazy to see how with the turn of the tide they can go from lockjaw to eating almost any well-presented fly pattern. Fortunately, I was on the right side of the tide and she gobbled it up. After a 10 minute battle, she was in my hands. My largest Delta Carp to date, weighing in at 32lbs. I was mind boggled since I have seen fish nearly twice this size. Some day I plan on sticking on of those!”

John Sherman with his 32 pound Delta Carp.

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