IMG_1849The hunt for Jack Crevalle started at 5:30 in the morning. While dodging numerous storms we managed to find daisy-chaining Jacks feeding in the current rip. IMG_1858The weapons of choice were 12 weights with large topwater poppers. Photo Jul 29, 5 52 07 PM.jpgAfter making large pops into the school, a jack charged the popper fighting to eat it and eventually inhaled the fly and shot straight for the bottom.IMG_1866.jpg It was on, the jacks were fired up and aggressive as ever.IMG_1854 The topwater eats were incredible, massive Jacks creating wakes as they charged the poppers only to engulf them.A8916D2B-97F6-43FE-AF99-4DC88E4570A6 The Jacks kept showing up with groups of fish by the hundreds, we were targeting school after school.IMG_1855 The fight would last from 20 minutes to 60 minutes depending on the size of the Jack. Photo Jul 29, 6 44 04 PM.jpgThese jacks were heavy, sharp-tailed fish that barked and drummed, there was no holding these fish, just hugging. Without a doubt, these fish got me “Jacked Up.” Photo Jul 29, 6 41 30 PM.jpg

Forrest Powell is an avid saltwater fly angler based in South Carolina. Give him a follow at @forrest_powpow for your Lowcountry fly fishing fix.

Photos courtesy of Forrest and Capt. Peter Lawson-Johnston

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