A Fly Fishing Video Game?

Ok, it might not be a game entirely committed to Fly Fishing…. But the new Farcry 5 game actually allows players to fish. You will need to unlock this feature, at which point you can get new poles, flies etc. Some refer to the fishing aspect of Farcry as a “Game within a game” You can also shoot someone with a rocket launcher if they spook your fishing spot…

Here are a few of the rod options in the game. I’m curious to know if Hatch was involved with these choices, the reels look awfully close to a Finatic…


I personally like the look of the Natural Fishing rod the most. It gives off a nice Bamboo Aesthetic


And for beginners, the Basic fishing rod is a great choice. It fishes most like the Orvis Encounter series.


To learn how to unlock the fishing portion of Farcry 5 follow this link: http://www.gamerevolution.com/guides/378751-far-cry-5-how-to-fish-get-new-fishing-poles-lures-find-hard-fishing-locations

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