Fly fishing is a sport where age is just a number. For instance, take 94-year-old retired US Marine Pilot, King Lambert, who is still out there chasing big trout. In June, he and a group of fishing buddies he’s been fishing with for 30+ years hit the water with Idaho Angler Guides and got to work.

Photo courtesy of Idaho Angler

They set up King in a camping chair (Hank Patterson Style) and he got to casting. The guides say the moment he started casting the fish started filling the nets of the group. The biggest being a 20-inch wild brown trout!

“I was utterly impressed by his determination; he really squeezed every minute of that trip out of us,” said Lewis Hunt, a fishing guide at Idaho Angler. “He was in it till the bitter end. He just doesn’t quit.”

Image courtesy of Idaho Angler

Fishing is an ageless passion and for those who need to get outside, King’s story is a beacon of hope. I for one hope to be found fishing my home waters until my last day and its epic to see King out there making it happen!

Photos from the Idaho Angler, check them out on Instagram and for your next Idaho fishing adventure!

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