5 Yoga Poses For Fly Fishing

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Yoga and fly fishing might sound a little odd at first but trust us, it will make your fly fishing adventures more enjoyable. Yoga uses breathing techniques, exercise, and meditation, you can do it just about anywhere. So next time your planning a fishing adventure mix in some yoga, before after or even during your time on the water.

#1 Downward Dog Pose:

This builds strength in the full-body while stretching. It is lengthening and strengthening pose. Tight muscles are one of the reasons many people get injured. Many guides and anglers complain of a tight lower back from standing all day.  You do not want tight muscles while on a boat or unstable ground.  Downward dog builds shoulder strength while giving your ankles, lower back and hamstrings a nice stretch. If your hamstrings are tight this can lead to knee, ankle and lower back pain.

#2 Side Plank Pose:

This builds your core, shoulders and obliques. Having strong obliques is key to knee and ankle protection. This will help with better balance especially on uneven ground.

#3 Eagle Pose:

It opens up shoulders and builds strength. The key to finding your balance in this pose is to engage your core, regulate your breath and pull your elbows away from your chest.  This is building the little stabilizing muscles in the hip, knees, and ankles and will give you a better balance on unstable ground.

#4 Warrior 2 Pose:

Uses shoulder strength, core and little stabilizing muscles in knees and ankles. This is a whole-body pose that will make it much easier to walk down rocky beaches or rivers. Be sure to make sure your knee is directly above your ankle to ensure knee safety.

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#5 Plank Pose into Chaturanga:

So many guides experience torn rotator cuffs. If you keep them strong this is much less likely to happen. Plank into Chaturanga are the best poses for this.  Be sure to push the floor away from you, engage your abs and stabilize your shoulders. Your upper back should be arched a bit. These little motions will help build strength in your shoulders.

If you haven’t tried pairing yoga with your fly fishing adventures, we truly recommend it, your mind and body will thank you. Be sure to follow along with Abbie Schuster.

Also check out our video with Abbie from her home-waters of Marthas Vineyard!

Yoga and Steelhead Fishing at Tailwater Lodge

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