5 Toasty Tips to Stay Warm this Winter on the Water

Let’s just say that wintertime fly fishing is not for everyone, it takes a little more to get motived to go stand in a cold river in below-freezing temperatures. But for the anglers that do get after it here are a 5 Toasty Tips to Stay Warm this Winter on the Water.

Tip 1. Bring a hot coffee or tea in your favorite Yeti Rambler! If you’re adventurous pour some whiskey in there too!

Tip 2. Bite the bullet and get battery-operated heat socks, it will change your life!

Tip 3. Some good wool gloves or some fishing-specific ones like the Simms Fishing Half Finger Fishing Gloves.

Tip 4. You can’t go wrong with hand warmers or feet warmers!

Tip 5. Lastly, a Wym Hoff mindset – the cold is all in your head. Focus on the fish, tight lines and embracing every second your out there.

Article from Lexy Quinn (@lexxyquinn), an outdoor writer, author, and angler.

Photos from Beaded Bros Media, check them out on Instagram @beadbrosmedia.

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