5 Tips to Make Big Winter Brown Trout Happen

Mid to late winter can be the perfect time to target big brown trout. These fish tend to get more territorial over the winter protecting their feeding area from rivals. This makes it far easier for the angler to hunt these fish and strike gold. Nolan Dahlberg is a winter trout guru, cutting his teeth in the deep winters of the Great Lakes region before heading west to the Rockies. We sat down with Nolan and asked for some of his sage advice for hooking into these river monsters. Here were his Top 5:

1. In low clear water, focus on deeper slow pockets

2. Small, delicate presentations can get the finickiest fish to make the move and eat

3. If the fishing is slow, they might just not want to eat at that time of day. Give it some time, come back to that fish and eventually, they’ll eat.

4. Leech patterns and egg patterns are extremely effective in the Fall season for big Browns

5. Try putting a bead/egg pattern a couple inches in front of a streamer. This can really turn on a big slow fish.

Nolan Dahlberg is a fly fishing photographer and content creator for Vail Valley Anglers, be sure to check out the rest of his awesome adventures and content @dahlberg.digital on Instagram!

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