5 Reasons Why the Scientific Anglers Amplitude Smooth Flyline is Superior

This article is written by Michael “Sal” Salomone a trout fly fishing guide and writer based in the mountains of Colorado at Vail Valley Anglers. Photos by the talented Nolan Dahlberg. Follow along with them at @vailvalleyanglers for the latest in trout fishing in the west. 


One of the most critical aspects of fly fishing and often one of the easiest to overlook is the fly line itself. Anglers regularly look to their fly rod for casting performance and when that falls short they reach for the rod rack to alleviate their lack of proficiency. In reality, the heavily abused, dirty and cracking fly line is the culprit. If you are looking for the next best all-around fly line the new Scientific Anglers Amplitude Smooth Fly Line is the way to go.


The incorporation of AST Plus technology into the SA Amplitude series of fly lines enhances durability and casting ease for the life of the fly line.


Why is the Scientific Anglers Amplitude Flyline Superior?


1. The Durability
The incorporation of the AST technology into the SA Amplitude fly line provides the
same slickness to your casting on day 100 as you did when the line came out of the
box. The slickness achieved in the SA amplitude line is not merely a surface
conditioning but rather a component that is present throughout the entire fly line
surrounding the braided core. As the line wears from repeated use the AST
technology continues to provide cast assisting slickness for the life of the line.


2. Versatility
This is an all-around performing line. SA has designed the Amplitude smooth fly line to cover a large number of fly fishing applications. The Amplitude smooth line casts small dry flies with intuitive accuracy and a delicately soft touch. The same line can deliver weighted nymph rigs with an equal amount of ease. However, it is with streamers where the elongated head turns over flies of considerable weight. Versatile is the best way to describe the SA Amplitude smooth fly line. Able to cast dry flies, nymphs, and streamers.


3. Performance
The performance achieved with the SA Amplitude smooth fly line is exceptional to
put it bluntly. The Amplitude smooth fly line can cover any application an angler desires from presenting dry flies with pinpoint ease to nymphing deep runs effortlessly and casting heavy streamers in high water. When technical waters call on shallow water nymph rigs for educated trout, the Amplitude delivers. And for the ever-popular choice for summertime fly fishing the Dry-Dropper presentation becomes easy to cast.


4. Pleasure
When you comb through all of the technical aspects of Scientific Anglers Amplitude
fly line you are left with a very impressive list of attributes. A line that possesses
these performance components delivers a high degree of pleasure into your fishing
where other lines fall short. Rather than struggle to turn over your long leader and
weighted nymphs the Amplitude smooth fly line increases the ease with which you
present your nymphs. When managing your line is easier your pleasure increases.


5. Distance
Scientific Anglers Amplitude smooth fly line incorporates multiple facets of high
performance technology into one easy casting line. The addition of AST Plus, SA’s
proprietary slickness component, results in a fly line that casts with deliberate
intention no matter what range. The ability to cast with effortless ease increases the
control a fly angler needs to place flies with accuracy.

What does all this translate into for the everyday angler?


Scientific Anglers Amplitude smooth is a purposeful line to cover any application a fly fisher desires, a workingman’s line. Knowing you have this kind of versatility prevents the necessity of having to return to your truck to retrieve another rig just because the bite went subsurface.


You can purchase the amplitude line on Vail Valley Anglers website here, use coupon code “VVALORDS10” upon checkout to receive 10% off of the fly line.

Mike “Sal” Salomone is longtime fishing guide and writer based in Vail, Colorado. He can be reached at adventuresal@yahoo.com or by calling Vail Valley Anglers at 970-926-0900. Photos courtesy of Nolan Dahlberg, @dahlberg.digital.

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