Tip 1. Practice Off the Water – Really load that rod, practice your bow and arrow cast before hitting the water so know how much you can load that rod to let those fly shot out there.

Tip 2. Keep those fingers out of the way! – No one likes to get hooked so make sure you look at how you are holding the fly so you don’t end up with a barb in the finger. Holding the fly at the shank with the hook pointing upwards will prevent this.

Tip 3. Keep the Arm High – The biggest problem that I see with people when they are doing the bow and arrow or ‘slingshot cast’ is that they keep the arm they are holding the fly with too low. Keeping the arm Low will give you little to no control as it will cause the rod tip to wobble all over the place and so removing the accuracy from the cast

Tip 4. Don’t pass up hard to reach water – So many anglers walk past some great fishing purely because to make a cast is just too hard for them.

Tip 5. Bring those hands together. – Bringing your hands parallel and over the top of one another allows for greater accuracy to put that fly right in the money zone.

Article and photos from James Norney (@mountainflyvic), a Fly Fishing guide with Wilderness Fly Fishing in Healesville, Melbourne, Australia. https://www.wildernessflyfishing.com.au/

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