2021 GoPro Mountain Games Fly Fishing Competition Results

Every year, outdoor enthusiasts gather in Vail, Colorado for GoPro’s Mountain Games. The Games feature several categories to compete in and entry is open to anyone, whether you’re a pro or just a highly skilled hobbyist. What’s special about this event is that every year, they featured two fly fishing competitions in addition to whitewater, trail running, mountain biking, and disc golf events.

The two competitions in this year’s Games (presented by YETI), was the traditional 2-Fly Xtreme competition and Catch Wars. Check out the results of both fly fishing events below!

The YETI 2-Fly Xtreme Competition Results:

This competition will be head-to-head in various fly fishing events including a combination distance and accuracy challenge that will test the best of the best. The final round of competition throws casting out the window as it will be time to test angling skills on the waters of the Vail Valley. The competition field was split into 2 categories a men’s and a women’s.

Results (Women’s):

First Place: Audrey Wilson

Second Place: Kristen Sorensen

Third Place: Skylar Hertfeld

Results (Men’s):

First Place: Troy Garner

Second Place: Andrew “Otter” Smith

Third Place: Marcelo Caiozzi

Biggest Fish Results:

First Place: Andrew “Otter” Smith

Second Place: Marcelo Caiozzi

Third Place (Tie): Troy Garner, Jeremy Sides, Ian Caiozzi, Caleb VanWagner

The YETI Catch Wars Fishing Competition Results: 

Experienced angler and oarsman duos take on the Eagle River to see which team of 2 can catch the most fish from Edwards to Wolcott.


First Place: Andrew Smith & Shaun Twomey

Second Place: Kirk Lewis & Joseph Schwonke

Third Place: Matt Debus & Ryan Schmidt

Check out all the 2021 GoPro Games results, here on MountainGames.com!

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