Fly Fusion Magazine and IF4™ Announce the Stimmie Awards Finalists and Silver Award Winners

Top 12 Virtual Vote to Begin September 1

The Stimmie Awards, presented by Fly Fusion Magazine and IF4 celebrate emerging filmmakers and creatives in the fly fishing industry. Entries were open to the public as long as the film was produced after Jan 1, 2018. You’ll likely recognize most of the names on the list, and we’ve had the pleasure to speak with most of the creators about their projects. Viewers will have a chance to vote for their favorite film to determine the Grand Prize winner, whose film will be featured in the 2021 IF4 festival!

From IF4:

Fly Fusion Magazine and the International Fly Fishing Film Festival (IF4) announced that the inaugural Stimmie Awards Top-12 Virtual Vote will begin on September 1, 2020. The grand-prize winner will be revealed on September 21, 2020.

The Top 12 films up for the Virtual Vote, in no particular order:

“Through His Eyes” by Spencer McCormack

“A Warrior’s Story” by Cameron CushmanCheck out our interview with the filmmaker!

“Imperfect 10” by Ben Fields

“Capitaine” by Johann VorsterCheck out our interview with the filmmaker!

“Anyone’s Adventure” by Teddy Cosco, Maddie Cosco, and Lindsay Derer

“Belize Buffet” by Gilbert Rowley and Phil Tuttle

“After the Man” by Alec Salisbury Check out our interview with the filmmaker! 

“Born to Fish” by Michael Menten and Bronson Whytcross

“A Winter Passion” by Callum Conner

“The Art of Fly Fishing” by Andrew McNeece

“Big Land” by Chase Bartee and Aimee BarteeCheck out our interview with the filmmakers!

“Gaula” by Alvaro G. Santillan and Fabrice Bergues

The Stimmies, a new film awards platform, designed to highlight up-and-coming fly-fishing filmmakers, was inundated with submissions throughout the summer. Over the past month, these entries were narrowed down to the Top 12 which will participate in the Angler’s Choice Virtual Vote. Voting will take place on the IF4 website, here:

Silver Award Winning Films

An additional 8 films received Silver Awards and will be featured online at Fly Fusion Streaming (

Those films include:

“Rendezvous” by Ed Sozinho

“Gold Rush” by Callum Conner

“Short Bus Diaries, Volume 1” by Scottie Finanger and Bryant Patterson

“Josh and the River” by Ross Bondenmann

“It’s an Island Thing” by Pavel Francev

“Soren” by Travis Bradford

“Unheard” by Hilton Graham

“Passion on the Fly” by Paul Angeli.

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